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Deviation from my standards
As the world's plans seem to hamper
All of MY plans, and I just can't help
But embrace the sense of pain
That sense of misery, the shame
That even in my brightest day
Seems so fleeting, washed away
It's truly dark, the time before the light
The continuous cycle of day to night
Moves all too fast for someone like
Me, myself, and numerous "I's"
A wise friend of mine told me
That she dared me to be real
Another friend told me that
"It's more than okay to feel"
She said, the funny thing about friends is,
"It's why we're here, support and not ask questions"
But for every one that I appreciate
There are 2 more who want to hate
People who ignorantly discriminate
is it a different action if there's a different name?
Why label us to be gay, straight, bi, hey?
If we were all just labeled 'human', would torment go away?
I'm not gay, and I'm not bi,
I will love you if you're a girl or guy,
And people who don't know should just stay strong
Because No matter what's right,
:iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 0 0
Mature content
Attention :iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 2 2
Inside me
To all my friends
Who only see the outside
I'm like, 'lol' but
I'm crying inside
But I know to stay strong
Cuz if i'm not then i'll die
And i wouldn't leave behind
my baby, knowin' her, she would surely cry
And I, i'm feel bad
for the ones i left behind
but i know that they ain't worth it
that's why they ain't still in my life
Sometimes i take the fall
and other times i take the blame
But when the lines inside, they blur
Then nothing else is ever the same
This life is more than that,
It's not some sick and twisted game,
I know that deep inside there's meaning
I know that us kids, we ain't to blame
Even now, when the times are rough
And i hang my ugly head in shame
Theres people all round who care for me
Who all can share my pain
Oh dearly Departed,
Tell me, am i still retarded
When i spit these words back in your face
Am i still just a disgrace?
That i should be abandoned,
Only losers desert their friends
Because when our walls, they crumble down
Ain't they all that we got left?
:iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 1 4
Done with it
You lied to me
And tried to change
Everything I am
You told me you were
A friend to me
And left me all alone
I know BETTER than
To trust YOU
That's why i went for HER
She's cuter
Ain't NOTHING you can do
I'm done
:iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 2 3
Priceless Friendship by philztsuki2817 Priceless Friendship :iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 0 2
I can't give it a title yet
I understand the truth
That you never really cared
What's left is the noise
In my head, and despair
Gotta fight this feeling
that life ain't worth livin'
To the point of givin' up
And as the screaming goes,
"I can't stand you anymore
I should have left you long before
I should've known things would go this far
This is the end of everything we stood for"
Broken down in silence
Screaming at myself
Through hushed breaths
Wasting away, begging for death
And once again
I'm alone, like i knew i would be
Sitting here, cracking up,
Slowly killing the old me
"And once again
I am alone
On the streets
No one has a home"
Don't know how much longer this'll go
There's nothing left for us, oh no
Spending our nights going seperate ways
Never alone (always alone)
:iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 1 3
Thinking of my life
Well learned, my lesson
You can't live for a person
You'll end up hurt
Confused, betrayed
Yesterday i was different
Today i stay the same
I can feel them leaving
Feeling myself fade
Broken and lost,
devoid of attention
Something i crave
No good intentions
My friends have all gone
And my wrists hang bleeding
I wait to bleed out
My sight now receding....
:iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 1 4
Go Away
Go Away
I don't want to hear it
Torn apart
You mean nothing to me
I'm ripped open
too much
You lied to me
no trust
I'm over it,
:iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 1 0
Kira's Kiriban 1000 by philztsuki2817 Kira's Kiriban 1000 :iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 0 2
Mature content
Drowning :iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 1 2
Abstract to sight by philztsuki2817 Abstract to sight :iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 0 139 Am_are - I_we Blind ? by philztsuki2817 Am_are - I_we Blind ? :iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 0 4 What am i? by philztsuki2817 What am i? :iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 0 2 becoming me by philztsuki2817 becoming me :iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 0 8 Poem: Sunrise? by philztsuki2817 Poem: Sunrise? :iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 0 105
Short Questions
Why is it true
that when i'm sad
I can never cry
When i'm mad
I can only lie
When i fail
It's 'cuz i tried
When i lose
It's cuz i loved?
:iconphilztsuki2817:philztsuki2817 2 29

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My random Favorites now, so everyone can get their work shown off :P


I'm happy. Yup. I am. Tomorrow i'm taking the A+ STRATA Exams :D I hope i do awesome XD I built a gaming computer, and I'm on it right now <3 I love it to death.
Also, I'm about to go to sleep. Love ya guys (: Pray for me if you do that kind of thing, especially cuz I'm really stressed out about a lot of things.... but for the most part, I'm happy (: Sorry i haven't been on in forever D:
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Phil Zeo
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Feel it, brutha!

And fullscreen the ID, makes everything easy to see :P

The comment makes it obvious.

And... I watch out for meh peeps! Get to know me, and i promise i won't [usually] bite. BTW, this city looks so pretty, do you wanna burn it with me? :)

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Piano, Piano Metal, Nu Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative (rock, metal, etc.), and mor
Favourite style of art: Abstract, and more :)
Operating System: Win XP (for webcam), Xubuntu 9.10
MP3 player of choice: Zune
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Wallpaper of choice: Black and White, Kitties
Skin of choice: ... human skin, thank you.
Personal Quote: "... waddya mean it was laced with cyanide?"



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